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Time Deposits / Certificates of Deposit


Time Deposits
Local / Foreing

TermLess Than a $100MOver a $100M
30 days0.50%0.50%
60 days0.75%0.75%
90 days1.00%1.00%
120 days1.00%1.00%
180 days1.50%1.50%
1 year2.40%2.40%
2 years2.75%2.75%
3 years3.40%3.40%
4 years3.70%3.70%
5 years3.90%3.90%

Floting Rate Time Deposits
Local / Foreing

TermBasic RateMinimun Rate
2 yearsLibor 3 mo + 0.125%3.25%
3 yearsLibor 3 mo + 0.25%3.75%
4 yearsLibor 3 mo + 0.50%3.75%
5 yearsLibor 3 mo + 0.50%3.75%

At call: 0.50%
Money Market: 0.25%
Overnight: 0.0625%

These rates will remaing valid until further notice.


These are financial instruments of deposit that earn a specific interest rate based on term of the instrument.


These deposits are documented with a written confirmation that describe the details of the investment, including the terms and conditions of the deposit. Time deposits are not negotiable and have terms ranging from 30 days to three years. Interest is paid or credited to an account as previously agreed with the customer. Time deposits can be withdrawn or closed before its maturity date, subject to interest penalty. The minimum investment is $50.000.00.



  • Support of a solid corporation.
  • Interest paid based on your needs.
  • Confidentiality on transactions.
  • Can be used as collateral for loans.

For more information:
BICSA Miami Agency - Business Department

Tel. 305.455.3100
E-Mail: Contact here



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