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Structured Finance and Administrative Agent Services


BICSA offers to both Corporate and Institutional clients a broad range of services from structuring and syndication of corporate banking transactions to more sophisticated solutions such as equity and debt raising for project finance transactions: energy, infrastructure, ports/airports, etc. Furthermore, BICSA offers capital raising and administrative agent services.


Our role at BICSA is to arrange or co-arrange, to structure and to syndicate credit lines, loans (both medium and long term), mezzanine financing, and similar products as well as letters of credit, guarantees, factoring. Our transactions can be "subscribed" or on a "best effort basis"


What we do?


1. Corporate Banking Syndicated Loans.

  • ¿Whar are they? They are financial products structured to raise debt that involves one or more debtors and a syndicate of banks.
  • What are they used for? Syndicate Loans are usually used to raise large amounts of financing than usually feasible from one bank, with tenors that can go from one to fifteen years.


2. Project Finance.

  • What is Project Finance? It is a financing mechanism whereby debt repayment is based on the project's ability to generate cash flows without recourse to the sponsors (equity providers of the project).
  • What is Project Finance used for? Project Finance is suitable to finance the debt portion of a wide variety of industries such as:
    • Hydro-electrical and thermo-electric plants
    • Wind Farms
    • Toll roads
    • Urban Transportation Solutions (i.e. Metro)
    • Ports/Airports
    • Sewage and water treatment plants
    • Geothermal / Biomass Energy Projects
    • Solar Energy Fields


BICSA`s Syndicated Loans offer their customer several benefits, among those:

  • The possibility to access larger amounts of financing, without having to negotiate terms and conditions with several financial institutions.
  • BICSA, as Arranger Bank, will be responsible to do the administrative work in a fast and confidential manner.
  • Consolidation of several legal and commercial relationships under one single agreement, as well as their management.
  • The possibility for the client to access new banking relations and funding sources, even abroad where the client might not have existing banking relationships.




BICSA is in an unique position to support its client`s financial need through its Structured Finance Department, thanks to a solid platform of professionals which assure:

  • Deep market knowledge, thanks to a presence of more than 40 years in Central America and beyond (Miami)
  • Personalized service and tailor-made financial solutions
  • A fast and efficient performance in the structuring and syndication of facilities


3. Capital Raising Services.


Do you have a project but require raising equity? BICSA provides business advisory services to sponsors seeking to raise capital to make their projects and ideas a reality.
Our services include:

  • Evaluating alternative debt and equity options;
  • Preparing a confidential placement memorandum;
  • Identifying and contacting prospective lenders and investors;
  • Analyzing pricing, underwriting criteria, structural issues, covenants and other terms;
  • Supervising investor/lender due diligence; and
  • Negotiating and closing the capital raise transaction.


4. Administrative Agent Services.


Since a syndicated facility involves the participation of many banks, the administration of the loan during the tenor of the facility requires the services of an specialized entity to undertake those functions.


BICSA, as administrative agent offers their clients simplification of the loan administration and communication process.


Some of the functions that BICSA undertake as Administrative Agent of syndicated loans are:

  • Centralized collection of payments corresponding to disbursements of the facility to later be transferred to the debtor.
  • Centralized collection of repayments of the facility for distribution to the participants of the syndicate, on a pro-rata fashion according to their participation commitments on the syndicated facility.
  • Management and follow up of the commitments established on the syndicated loan contracts and covenant administration.
  • Remittance to the syndicate participants of relevant information received from the Debtor (i.e. financial statements, construction advancement reports, etc).
  • Registry of the participants in the facility



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