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Working Capital Financing

Line of Credit in dollars that can be used as a revolving facility, which means that when you pay it off, you can use it again. This credit facility is designed to support the need for working capital under the following circumstances:

  • Financing the purchase of raw materials, importation of goods and services and financing of inventory, among others.


  • We provide a service that fits the needs of your company.
  • We provide personalized services so that each client has an Account Executive who will personally help him.
  • Financing in US dollars with terms ranging from 3 months to 1 year, depending on the needs of the company.

Revolving Line of Credit for Imports

The Line of Credit is a facility in which the company can obtain financial resources either as a direct funding to pay supplier or as a guarantee (letter of credit) in favor of a supplier providing goods or services to the company. This Line of Credit in US dollars can be used as a revolving facility for the following purposes:

  • Financing the purchase of raw materials and inventory of finished goods, importation of goods and services among others.
  • Payment of imports through collections of direct transfers.
  • Opening of Import Letters of Credit and its refinancing.
  • Opening of Stand-by Letters of Credit to guarantee the purchase of raw materials


  • We provide our customers with a service adapted to their needs in order to optimize their business.
  • We offer personalized service which means that each customer has an Account Executive who will give the appropriate advice.
  • Once the Line of Credit has been approved, the disbursements and use of the Line can immediately be utilized.
  • The financing will have competitive market conditions.

For more information:
BICSA Miami Agency - Business Department

Tel. 305.455.3100
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