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Frecuently Asked Questions

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General Questions

1. Why use Internet Banking?
2. Is BICSA.COM secure?
3. How do I use BICSA.COM?
4. What are the requirements of the system to use BICSA.COM?

Technical Questions


5. What are the requirements of the system to use BICSA.COM?
6. Is it possible to change my pin or user ID?
7. Why is my account blocked?
8. I got an error message in the system; what must I do?
9. I recently received a sealed envelope with a key, I changed it, but why can´t I enter BICSA.COM?

1.  What is BICSA.COM?


BICSA.COM is a system that, over the Internet, the clients of Banco Internacional de Costa Rica, can, within a secure ambience, realize banking operations with a very flexible schedule and in the most friendly and simple way.



2.  Is BICSA.COM secure?


BICSA has invested a great amount to guarantee that your transactions on the Internet are secure and private. Our infrastructure is monitored and watched over constantly, and the information is encrypted by means of a mechanisms called SSL, of 128 bits and provided with a Digital Certificate of renown international prestige. For further information access here.



3.  How do I use BICSA.COM?


At the moment a client subscribes to the BICSA.COM service, BICSA will create a user account and email that account to the client’s registered email address. Subsequently, the password will be created and sealed in an envelope and mailed to the client. The client will be prompted to change that password on their initial log in attempt.



4.  Can I see up to date information from my account? ?


Yes, BICSA.COM gives you very up to date balances because our system operates in real time. Some delays can occur due to processing time or incidents related with the system that would be outside of our control.


5.  What are the requirements for a system in order to use BICSA.COM?


You need a connection to the Internet, your preferred browser – Netscape Navigator 4.7 or higher, or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher, with SSL encryptation of 128 bits. You can obtain these browsers in any of the suppliers websites.




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