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NOW Accounts

Now Accounts are available for individuals, earn monthly interest and have the benefits of the checking and investments accounts.


There is the convenience of issuing an unlimited number of checks and receive a monthly account statement. BICSA requires a minimum monthly balance of $50,000. The Super NOW Account requires minimum monthly balance of $100,000. Interests are calculated weekly and adjusted based on the average rate a 90-day Treasury Bill of the Federal Government of the United States. Interest rate for the NOW account ($50,000 to $99,999) is published by the bank and these accounts have a service fee. Please contact your Account Executive for more details.


  • Support of a solid corporation
  • Account domiciled in the United States
  • Confidentiality on your transactions
  • Guaranteed liquidity


For more information:
BICSA Miami Agency - Personal Banking Department

Tel. 305.455.3100
E-Mail: Contact here



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