What does Banco Internacional de Costa Rica, Miami Agency do with your personal information?

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Banco Internacional de Costa Rica, S.A. (BICSA) is committed to the security of its clients and periodically maintains and updates extended validation security certificates on its website and for Electronic Banking.

A security certificate provides a secure connection between Internet users and the website that uses it. It is issued by a certifying authority and uses the SSL encryption system.

The extended validation security certificate guarantees users of a site that they are really entering the entity’s website, in this case, Banco Internacional de Costa Rica and that said entity has the exclusive right to utilize the domain specified on its site.

You can identify a site that has a security certificate in the following manner:

Upon gaining access to a site that utilizes a security certificate, you will observe in your web browser’s address bar the following:

  • The website’s address begins with https://
  • An icon depicting a lock
To identify a site with an extended validation security certificate, you will see that your web browser’s address bar has all the characteristics of a site with a security certificate and additionally shows, shaded in green and to the right, a rectangle with the name of the company that owns the website.

Upon entering our website or Electronic Banking, you will see that the address bar will read Banco Internacional de Costa Rica, S.A.


  • The token is an electronic device that the Bank will provide to the client as a second authentication factor to gain access to the e-Banking site and as validation to perform transactions.
  • This device generates single-use dynamic passwords that will be requested by the e-Banking system.


  • We use access credentials such as user name and password.
  • For input of the password, we use a virtual keyboard for greater security.
  • The token is used as an additional authentication factor, for clients’ greater security.
  • We impose a maximum transaction amount.
  • The e-Banking system has an “End Session” button so that the user can terminate the session once transfers have been made.


BICSA offers its clients a tool that allows notifications to be sent and received in a reliable and secure manner.

To achieve this, the Microsoft Office 365 services is used, which through emails, allows the sending and receiving of notifications, account statements and transaction notices, in an encrypted manner, ensuring the security of the information contained in the message.

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