Lease financing is a credit alternative that allows the maximizing of financial and tax advantages of medium term financing.


  • Does not pay FECI
  • Minimum terms of 36 months
  • Movable property (Vehicles, machinery, technical equipment, etc.)
  • The client can exercise an option to buy for previously agreed upon price.

  • Financial statement (3 years)
  • Tax return (3 years)
  • Copy of company by-laws and any recent changes
  • Pro forma for the equipment
  • Complete form

Further information

To obtain further information on Lease Financing – Corporate Banking, write us at this email and one of our executives will communicate with you.



“Discount” is the financing of invoices generated by a credit sale. The exporter collects the funds at sight and legally assigns the right to collect the value of the invoice to the Bank, but the Bank reserves the right to collect from the exporter if the buyer fails to honor the collection of funds from the bank.

We offer this service to exporters in Central America for their sales to other countries in the area and in the United States for sales in Central America.


  • We provide our customer with a service that fits their needs.

  • We offer personalized service and each customer has an Account Executive who will give the appropriate advice.

  • Dollar financing with terms of 30 to 120 days according to the sales terms agreed upon between the buyer and seller.


Forfaiting is a transaction similar to factoring, but usually with longer terms (1 to 7 years), and often used for the acquisition of capital goods.

A forfaiting transaction usually takes place when the exporter of capital goods provides credit terms to a buyer (importer) in another country. The exporter discounts the debt instruments, such a draft or promissory note with a bank in the home country (importer) or a bank that has a relationship with the importer. This bank has the choice of keeping the paper (draft or promissory note) to its maturity or sell it in the international markets.

BICSA is interested on Forfaiting transactions if the importer is domiciled in Central America. If the corporation is not a current customer of BICSA, it must be well known in Central America and have at least five years of experience in the same business.


  • We offer personalized service and long term experience in the region.

  • Financing in US dollars with terms ranging from18 months to 7 years, according to the needs of the company and type of funding needed for this transaction.


Line of Credit in dollars that can be used as a revolving facility, wich means that when you pay it off, you can used again. This credit facility is designed to support the need of working capital under the following circumstances:

  • Financing the purchase of raw materials, importation of goods and services and financing of inventory, among others.

  • We provide a service that fits the needs of your company.

  • We provide personalized services so that each client has an Account Executive who will personally help him.

  • Financing in US dollars with terms ranging from 3 months to 1 year, depending on the needs of the company.

Revolving Line of Credit for Imports

The Line of Credit is a facility in which the company can obtain financial resources either as a direct funding to pay suppliers or as a guarantee (letter of credit) in favor of a supplier providing goods and/or services to the company. This Line of Credit in US dollars can be used as a revolving facility for the following purposes:

  • Financing the purchase of raw materials and inventory of finished goods, importation of goods and services among others.

  • Payment of imports through collections of direct transfers.
  • Opening of Import Letters of Credit and its refinancing.

  • Opening of Stand-by Letters of Credit to guarantee the purchase of raw materials .


  • We provide our customers with a service adapted to their needs in order to optimize their business.

  • We offer personalized service which means that each customer has an Account Executive who will give the appropriate advice.

  • Once the Line of Credit has been approved, the disbursements and use of the Line can be utilized immediately.

  • The financing will have competitive market conditions.


BICSA provides the entrepreneur with medium and long term resources to finance projects, such as plant expansion and/or investments in capital goods. This type of financing helps management to efficiently handle the cash flow of the company to take advantage of the opportunities offered in the marketplace.


These resources can be used for the construction of a building, purchasing of machinery, acquisition of fixed assets or financing of new projects.
The terms for these transactions are set by the conditions established by sources providing the funding. These loans are funded with our own resources, as well as with external resources from international financial organizations, such as KFW from Germany, EximBank of the United States, Export/ Import Bank of Korea, among others.


Up to 10 years (a grace period on principal could be considered depending on the needs of the company).


BICSA Miami offers financing solutions under Eximbank insurance and guarantee programs.

Revolving Lines of Credit/Inventory Financing

BICSA provides lines of credit for the purchase of raw materials and/or finished goods with terms up to 180 days. Our facilities finance 100% of the invoice amount including insurance and freight. This product is offered under the Ex-Im Bank FIBC program. Goods must be of U.S. origin and shipped from the U.S.

Medium Financing/Capital Equipment

BICSA provides financing for capital equipment investments with repayment terms up to 5 years (7 years on a case-by-case basis). The facilities are offered under Ex-Im Bank medium-term programs. Equipment must have up to 51% U.S. content and Ex-Im Bank coverage is for 85% of the contract value. BICSA can finance the 15% down payment required by Ex-Im Bank, on a case-by-case basis.

Project Financing Including Structuring and Implementation and Large Item Financing

BICSA provides financing under Ex-Im long-term guarantees for purchase of large items (such as airplanes) for 85% coverage of the contract value and for amounts over $10MM up to 5-7 years. BICSA can finance the 15% down payment required by Ex-Im Bank, on a case-by-case basis.

BICSA provides assistance in project structuring and financing with Ex-Im Bank long-term guarantee coverage. Typically, Ex-Im Bank requires an equity investment of up to 30% depending on the project. Terms can be up to 10 years and 15 years for environmental projects. BICSA can finance the 20-30% equity investment, on a case-by-case basis.

Contract Value Term
Up to $350,000 4 years
>$350,000 to $7,000,000 5 years
>$7,000,000 to $11,700,000 7 years
>$11,700,000 to $25,000,000 8 years
>$25,000,000 10 years
Environmental Projects 15 years

Through this facilities, customers that are present in one or more countries in the Central American Region, can access our lines of credit to solve their working capital requirements, having the best and easy way to finance the procurement process, inventories, collection accounts and other working capital necessities.


  • Financial statement Audited (2 years)
  • Copy of company by-laws and any recent changes
  • Bank references

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