The Documentary Credit Service is a method of payment by means of which one can cover the purchase of good and services. In this type of service, the bank acts on behalf of the purchaser, guaranteeing the seller the payment of a sum of money in an established period in the commercial operation, against the reception of shipping or service documents, which comply with the terms and conditions established by the buyer.


  • Our operations are carried using the SWIFT system
  • Flexibility, for its great diversity of types of commercial operations and services, as much local as international
  • Additional financing that BICSA offers if such is necessary for the specific operation, which allows your company to minimize cash flow
  • Peace of mind, because of the guarantee that the participation of BICSA lends to the transaction
  • The Documentary Credit gives a guarantee to the seller, because a bank is involved in the commercial operation
  • This is a completely flexible instrument, which adapts itself to the conditions of the commercial operation or services


  • A qualified credit line in order to open Documents of Credit
  • A request to open a Letter of Credit which can be obtained on the Internet

Further information

To obtain further information on Letters of Credit, write us at this email and one of our executives will communicate with you.


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