Foreign Currency Futures Purchase

BICSA offers its clients the Free Market through which they can consult and cash checks, buy and sell foreign currency, issue bank drafts, deposit to checking accounts, transfer funds both locally and abroad in an appropriate manner. , both for the Bank and for the client.


  • Trust
  • Security
  • Efficiency
  • Amiability
  • Timely and personalized attention
  • Minimum waiting time
  • Low costs


  • Identification documents (identity card, passport, or residence card) up to date that do not show damage or alterations, if it is a natural person.
  • Legal status with no more than one month of issue and authenticated by a lawyer or notary public, if it is a legal person.
  • Sign alternate media form

Further Information

To obtain further information on Foreign Currency Futures Purchase, write us at this email and one of our executives will communicate with you.



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