Corporate financial services from structuring and syndicating as raising capital and debt for project finance transactions: energy, infrastructure, ports / airports, expansion of installed capacity.


  • Our role consists of organizing or co-originating / structuring and syndicating lines of credit, medium or long-term syndicated loans, mezzanine financing and the like; as well as letters of credit, guarantees and “factoring” with structured financial products to raise debt and involve one or more debtors and a syndicate (group) of banks for greater benefit, among those:
    • Evaluation of alternative debt and capital structures
    • Preparation of a Confidential Placement Memorandum
    • Identification and contact with potential borrowers and investors
    • Interest rate analysis, subscription criteria, structural problems, “covenants”, and other terms
    • Investor oversight/due diligence, and
    • Negotiation and closing of capital raising transactions


  • Have a suitable Project Finance for projects such as:
    • Hydroelectric Plants and Thermoelectric Plants
    • Wind Farms (Wind Energy)
    • Highways
    • Urban Transport (i.e Metro)
    • Ports / Airports
    • Drainage projects and water treatment plants
    • Geothermal and Biomass Energy Projects
    • Solar Panel Fields (Solar Energy)

Further information

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