BICSA Mobile Banking

App from your cell pone

Access your account and credit card information, carry out your banking transactions in an agile, safe and efficient way from anywhere in the world from your mobile device

Check your accounts and credit cards:

  • Balances, movements, account statements
  • General information about your accounts, credit cards, loans, leases and certificates of deposit

Transfer to your favorites:

  • Between internal bank accounts with immediate availability
  • SINPE Regional
  • Request local and international transfers

Payments and others:

  • Loans and leasing
  • To your credit card and make direct cash advances to your account

Mobile Banking Security.


  • You will be able to access your account, loan, investment and credit card information quickly from your mobile device
  • Make use of SINPE Regional and access the IBAN number for your accounts and credit cards
  • Have greater control of your transactions by using an applicable maximum transaction limit on our digital channels
  • Send us inquiries or suggestions through the Procedures to the Bank


  • Be a customer of the bank
  • Complete the affiliation documentation and electronic banking contract

Further information

To obtain further information on BICSA Mobile Banking, write us at this email and one of our executives will communicate with you.


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