At BICSA, you can open your personal Checking accounts, manage your funds, and make payments by means of checks or transfers.


  • Minimum Opening Amount: US$2,000.00


  • Access to your account for inquiries and transfers via our Online Banking 24 hours a day and from anywhere in the world
  • Access to your account for consultations and transfers using our 24/7 Online Banking from anywhere in the world.
  • Certified and Cashier checks.
  • A wide range of correspondents for your transfers and payment orders.
  • Activation of the Key Card, providing local access across the network of local and international sales points and ATMs.*Applies only to the Panama Office.


  • Copy of two (2) current identifications of the account signer. (ID and passport or license)
  • Copy of (1) valid identification of each beneficiary (ID and passport, or driver’s license)
  • Two Bank References addressed to BICSA for each account signer
  • Copy of the last electrical or telephone bill where it indicates the physical address of the residence of each of the account holders
  • Supporting documents specifying the origin of the funds
  • Employment verification letter and/or Income verification letter
  • Bank forms.

Further information

To obtain further information on Personal Cheking Accounts – Private Banking, write us at this email and one of our executives will communicate with you.


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