SINPE Regional

National Electronic Payment System (SINPE)

The National Electronic Payment System (SINPE) is a technological platform that connects the different entities of the National Financial System of Costa Rica through a private telecommunications network, which allows them to electronically mobilize funds between Client accounts.

To use this service, your BICSA account must have an IBAN number.

The IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is a standardized structure that identifies fund accounts both nationally and internationally. This format has been promulgated by the European Banking Standards Committee and complies with the ISO-13616 standard.


  • Possibility of carrying out payment transactions (mobilizing funds between BICSA and any other participant in the system) in a more efficient, secure, lower cost, with regional coverage and operation 24 hours a day.
  • It allows you to send funds from your bank account maintained in BICSA to your own account or that of a third party located inside or outside the Costa Rican national territory.
  • Accreditation and immediate availability of funds for the beneficiary.


  • Being a bank customer, your BICSA account must have an IBAN number.
  • Complete the IBAN Request form

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Further information

To obtain further information on SINPE International, write us at this email and one of our executives will communicate with you.

Fund Transfers


Practically since its founding, BICSA has established and maintained a strong relationship with the international banking community, which has allowed us to have the capacity to offer international financial services in any part of the world.

BICSA offers service of banking transfer abroad through the SWIFT System, an efficient, secure and trustworthy electronic private communication system that connects to more than 5,000 financial institution in more than 120 countries. For transactions within Costa Rica, BICSA offers the SINPE System (Interbank System for Negotiations and Electronic Payments ) of the Central Bank of Costa Rica.

BICSA has an extensive network of correspondent banks, which permits us to go directly to the bank of the beneficiary, thus minimizing the cost to our clients.

  • Internal Transfers. You can transfer funds from one account to another account in your own name within BICSA.
  • External Transfers. Those transfers of money that must be paid to beneficiaries within and outside the country.
  • Transfers to Third Parties. Those transfers which must be paid to beneficiaries that have an account at BICSA.


  • Access to your account to make inquiries and transfers via our Online Banking 24 hours a day and from anywhere in the world.


  • Be a bank customer.

Further information

To obtain further information on Fund Transfers – Private Banking, write us at this email and one of our executives will communicate with you.